Houses we bought in NH 2017:

Candia, NH


Hillsboro, NH

The newest property under agreement is in Hillsboro NH. The end result of this property is still to be determined. The best part of this property is that we are helping a couple relocate down south to be closer to family. Some of which aren’t doing so well health-wise. This will be a blessing for them and now they can be with them for the holidays. That makes us happy! 


Goffstown, NH

The family of this home in Goffstown NH was unfortunately hit with a serious illness and needed to sell their old house that needed a LOT of work for cash to pay for their huge medical bills and treatment fast. They were so thankful that we were able to come in and give them the amount of cash they needed for the treatment. It is not about the houses, it is about helping people in the community with their problems. 


Newmarket, NH

Here is an old house we just purchased in Newmarket NH. This cute 3/1 house is in need of major updating.


Manchester, NH

Here is a house we bought in Manchester NH. This house needed a LOT of work but will look amazing after it’s been rehabbed. 


Candia, NH


Here is a house we bought in Candia NH. The story on this one was interesting. This house was in very bad shape and the owners were so relieved to have been able to sell it. Never mind within 30 days.




Brookline, NH


Here is a house we bought in Brookline NH. The out of state owners of this house were devastated by a broken pipe in the kitchen that flooded and ruined the house. The insurance company denied their claim and would not give them money to reimburse the damages. That is when we came in to help. We bought this house and gave them the cash they needed under 30 days and helped them greatly with their problem.


Milford, NH

Here is a house we bought in Milford NH. This is a house where we greatly helped the sellers remove a burden from their plate since they lived in another part of the country and could not maintain the old house any longer.


Manchester, NH


Here is a house we bought in Manchester NH. This house needed a LOT of work and the seller needed to get rid of it fast to move. We helped him achieve that goal. Now, this is a nice renovated house in Manchester. Adding more value to the neighborhood.




Manchester, NH