Should I Sell My House As-Is When a Loved One Dies?

Managing estate affairs after the passing of a loved one can be a big burden to handle. If you’re wondering how to continue to care for your house after your loved one has passed, this article will shed light on some of your available options. Here are a few ways to proceed when you’re wondering if you should sell your house after the passing of your loved one.

Are You Facing Probate?

First, establish whether or not you’re facing the probate process with your home. Homes that aren’t legally and properly passed on to a beneficiary at the death of their owner are forced into the probate process. This simply means that the owner will have to go to probate court to work with lawyers to regain legal ownership of the home. This legal process can be quite lengthy and complicated, and might even have a duration of a few months to a few years. If you don’t have the time or ability to go to probate court to regain ownership of your probate house, selling your home might be a better option.

House Expenses

When you’re suddenly solely responsible for your home finances, expenses can quickly become overwhelming. Even if your home is paid off and doesn’t have a remaining mortgage payment to be taken care of, there are still many other home expenses that can become unmanageable. Utilities, property tax, and more can become financial burdens if you aren’t prepared to take them on by yourself. If you’re feeling the pressure of paying for your house by yourself, selling and downsizing might be a more feasible option. 

How to Sell Easily

If you’re interested in selling your house easily after the passing of a loved one, your best option will be to sell to a cash buyer. Cash buyers are some of the only buyers that will purchase a home in probate due to the complicated legal situation that probate entails. Cash buyers will be able to quickly purchase your house within a few weeks without requiring you to go through the effort of posting listings, paying for advertisements, or hosting viewings. Most cash buyers also won’t require you to repair, inspect, or empty your home at closing. After closing, you’ll be paid fully in cash, which will help you to afford a new home for your family.

So, if a loved one has unexpectedly passed away and you’re not sure how to proceed with house responsibilities, remember this article. Selling your house for cash can help you if you’re facing probate processes or unmanageable house expenses. A cash buyer can help you to sell your house in a stress-free manner for a price that will provide you with financial stability. 

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