Should You Renovate Your House Before Selling It?


You might be hesitant to renovate your house before selling it because remodeling can be a huge time and financial commitment.

However, studies show that homes that are freshly remodeled and updated are going to sell much faster than houses that are in need of repairs. 

Most of the time, investing in a few renovations will land you more money in the long run. Today, we’re sharing several tips to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to home renovations. 

Easy Renovations That Are Worth Doing 

If you want to dive into some house projects before selling, here are a few of the easiest updates that will help you sell quickly: 

  • Add a fresh coat of paint in a neutral tone
  • Heighten curb appeal with a front porch update and simple landscaping
  • Modernize outdated or worn-out flooring
  • Replace broken lighting fixtures
  • Declutter your home
  • Freshen up the bathroom by replacing the faucet, re-caulking the tub, modernizing the vanity, or changing the shower head 

These simple updates can make a big impression on potential buyers. 

Do Renovations Increase Property Value? 

Even the simplest updates can have a big impact on property value. Studies show that the average payback in a home’s resale value is 56 percent of the cost of the remodel. With bigger renovations such as a garage door or window replacement, the payback is much higher at about 75 percent. As you can see, renovations typically pay off in the long run. 

What Renovations Increase Home Value? 

If you’re planning to renovate your home, there are certain updates you should focus on that can have the biggest impact on resale value. Here seven renovations that will add the most value to your home: 

  1. Outdoor structures such as fences, decks, or a garage door replacement
  2. Attic insulation
  3. A full bathroom remodel
  4. Roof replacement
  5. Replacing drafty or old windows
  6. Finishing the basement
  7. Remodeling the kitchen 

When Selling As-Is Makes Sense 

Let’s consider that sometimes selling your house as-is might make the most sense. There are many situations that might warrant a quick sell, including: 

  • If you land your dream job and don’t have time to waste on renovations
  • If you can’t afford to renovate
  • When you don’t have time to deal with staging or showings
  • If the cost of renovations would exceed the value of your home
  • If you’re in foreclosure
  • If you’ve inherited a home that you don’t want to fix up 

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