What’s the Step-by-Step Process of Preparing to Sell a House?

Preparing to sell a house can seem like a daunting task. After all, you have negotiation deadlines, demanding buyers, and inspection surprises, not to mention, staging your home. (prepping it, so it looks appealing to potential buyers) Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of getting your home ready to sell.

Step-by-Step Process of Selling a Home

To ensure your home is ready to sell, there are some fundamental rules to stand by mainly only fixing and repairing things that matter to homebuyers, getting every room clean, decluttered, and organized, and staging the home without spending a ton of money. Read on as we break down this process of selling a home.

Make Repairs

Before you go crazy, making every repair and spending a small fortune, only make necessary repairs in your home. Sellers get the idea about doing a bunch of things to their home to make it more appealing or so it will sell fast. This sometimes results in homeowners making wrong selections, such as with cosmetic touches or finishes.

The best thing is to fix anything structural in nature or mechanical if they know it’s a defect. For instance, if you have a leaky faucet, a wonky air conditioner, or problems with mold or mildew, fix these before having buyers see your home. Getting a home inspection gives you a chance to make any necessary repairs, you may not be aware of, and once you know them, you must disclose them to buyers in writing.

Declutter Each Room

Go through every room and toss or donate and then deep clean. You want your home to shine, and most importantly, it needs to look simple and not filled with all your memories. Remember, homebuyers want to visualize themselves in the house, so take down pictures, remove artwork on the fridge, and so forth.

When decluttering, get sizeable heavy-duty garbage bags and three bins. Label them “store,” “sell,” and “donate.” Chuck anything you haven’t used in a year. Go through closets and pick up clothes and straighten shoes. Ensure beds are made, bathrooms are clean, kitchens look nice and presentable, and the living areas clean and decorated simply.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home is the art of showing it in its best light that includes the right furniture, decor, and accents. Doing this can decrease the time your home stays on the market and increase the price. The most important rooms to stage are the living room and master bedroom, so properly clean and declutter them, as well as place some throw pillows on the couches and beds. Ensure you vacuum and clean off the dressers.

Remove any bulky furniture, such as worn La-Z-Boys and add some statement art, mirrors, or some unused vases to perk up a sterile space.


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