Why You Should NOT Sell Your House To A Real Estate Investor

If you’re thinking about selling your house and contemplating your options, here’s what you should watch out for if you’re considering selling to a real estate investor in Southern New Hampshire.

Disadvantages Of Selling To A Real Estate Investor

There are a few options when selling your home. You can sell the traditional way: using a real estate agent, you can sell it “for sale by owner”, or you can sell your house to a local real estate investor. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but if you are thinking about selling to an investor there is one very important disadvantage you should keep in mind.

When selling with a real estate agent, that agent has had to take classes, pass an exam and get certified to become licensed. Plus they usually have to pay a brokerage or licensing board, all while taking continuing education classes in order to maintain their license.

BUT ANYONE can become an investor without any formalized training or licensing. Someone can simply decide to become a real estate investor and that’s it – they are one! No education required. This can be a dangerous thing for sellers like you who end up working with someone who has no experience.

Thankfully, THERE ARE investors in Southern New Hampshire who DO have the experience, knowledge and skills to help you, no matter the situation or how tricky it may be.

How Do You Find A Great Real Estate Investment Company?

The best place to start is the investment company’s website. Do they have one? What information do they have on it? Is it helpful? Are there testimonials and reviews that PROVE they are experienced and experts at what they do?

Next, call their office and ask lots of questions. Is the person you are speaking with respectful of your time? Are they knowledgeable? Make sure you get the details about the process and how the company will work with you. You should be able to get an offer without any obligations or fees.

Finally, look at the company’s online reviews. Facebook can be a great place to find these. Are there testimonials? Recommendations from past customers?

Yes, anyone can become an investor, but it is very important that you do your homework before you choose one to work with. You can find fantastic real estate investors who only have your best interests at heart and who will work hard to help you, whatever the situation may be. EVEN if that means telling you that they are not the right option for you.

Take NH Home Buyers, for example. Look around our website and learn all about us. Read all our reviews and check out our video testimonials from people JUST LIKE YOU who have sold their home to us.

Then call us at (603) 421-6868 to ask questions and get your fair, no-obligation cash offer.

When you find the right investor, you may find that selling faster and easier than the traditional way is the RIGHT path for you.

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