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Have a Question?  We have Answers!

It can be a tough decision to sell your home to a cash home buyers like us.  Below are common questions by people just like you that have been asked about our buying process at NH Home Buyers.

Do you list the property on the MLS or do you buy it?2024-05-24T14:08:47-06:00

That is a terrific question.  We do not list houses because we are not Realtors.  As cash home buying pros, we purchase homes in Manchester that make sense for us.  We could repair it and sell it or maybe keep it and rent it out.

Is the price you pay for houses fair?2024-05-24T14:13:46-06:00

We try to buy properties at just below market rates as we need to be able to make a profit to make sure we can help sellers like you. We seek to attain discounts that are fair and make sense to you and our cash home buying team.  In exchange we offer fast cash deals, confidence and discretion.   We help you to move on with your life and forget about all the problems you are facing with your home.  There is also nothing you have to do…our offers are free of obligation, fees, commissions and repairs.

How do you come up with your offer price for my property?2024-05-24T14:30:18-06:00

Fantastic question and we are happy to explain due to our transparent process.  First we appraise your property, the needed repairs, its condition and your area for recent sales.  We  then put all this research together to come up with a number that is our best cash offer.

Are there any commissions and/or fees you will charge me?2024-05-24T14:35:00-06:00

This is the best part of our business.  We charge zero extra commissions and/or fees.  That’s right!  We offer you our best deal and if you want to move forward, we’ll buy the property as-is with zero hassles or charges.  We don’t actually make any money until the house is sold after you have moved on.  We take responsibility for whether or not we make a profit once we buy it from you.

If I submit my info am I obligated to do anything?2024-05-24T14:43:35-06:00

No, there is 100% nothing you are obligated to do.  If you would like to have us look at your property, just tell us about it and we will call you to learn some more.  We then make a 100% cash offer that makes sense to us and is the best we can offer you.  Then you have pure autonomy to decide if you want to sell the home to us or not.  We will not harass or hassle you.  Its easy and up to you completely.

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NH Home Buyers

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  • Sell As-Is. No Cleanup. No Repairs.

  • Close In As Little As 7 Days

  • No Closing Costs

Traditional Process

  • Pay 6% Plus Other Fees

  • Unpredictable Offers

  • Cleanup and Repair Stress

  • Showings and Open Houses

  • Long Sales Process, Often 2-3+ Months