Sell My House as-is Manchester: The Paradie Family’s Testimonial


Our family can not thank you enough for the professionalism and respect you have shown us. Calling you was the best decision we made.

The mere thought, of selling the house our family has owned for the past 50 years was overwhelming. You went above and beyond to help us. In spite of the fact, the home was not in the best shape and had never been remodeled. You offered us a fair price and took care of all the details. Plus, worked with our estate attorney through the probate court process. What more could we have hoped for?

With three disabled adults in the house, moving posed a major challenge. Yet, you stepped up and made it happen. Providing us with a truck and movers, this was so greatly appreciated.

We wish you success with the remodel and sale of the house. Thank you for a job well done.

~ The Paradie Family”