Sold My House As Is – [market_city] NH

“My name is William B. and I Sold My House As-Is with the help of  NH Home Buyers, LLC. The agent I had with them was named Jeremy. He was very friendly and during the process, if I had any questions he always answered his phone and answered what questions I had to the best of his ability.

Before going to NH Home Buyers, LLC I tried two other home buyers who never answered their phone or returned calls. One even canceled out half an hour before they were going to show up to sign the purchase agreement. Jeremy made sure the process ran as smooth, quick, & easy as possible.

So my experience with Jeremy and NH Home Buyers, LLC was very good and would recommend them to anyone that wants to sell their house as-is. I would give NH Home Buyers, LLC a 5-star rating if anyone was to ask me.”

– William B., Hillsboro, NH


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