What Is a Mortgage Relief Program?

If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage you may be considering a mortgage relief program. But what are these programs?

How do they work, and are they worth it? Keep reading to find out. 

What Is a Mortgage Relief Program?

There are many different types of mortgage relief plans available and they are offered through a plethora of various lenders across the country. These programs are designed to help those struggling to pay their mortgage payments by easing the burden of their mortgage. The mortgage relief programs may not be a permanent solution, and while they can be relatively low cost, they can have the effect of reducing the repayment amount for a period of time, thus reducing the overall amount of money needed to repay the mortgage. How is a Mortgage Relief Program beneficial? Mortgage relief programs may be financially beneficial to you depending on how they are offered.

How Do They Work?

Many mortgage relief programs offer incentives to help borrowers break their mortgage and then remortgage. This can include things such as a lowered interest rate, payment holiday or a refinance. The result is that you are now able to afford the repayments you previously couldn’t and can then make your mortgage more affordable over time. As a borrower, you will benefit from the lower interest rate, either immediately or at some point in the future. However, you do have to be prepared for the fact that your new deal will need to be more costly in the long term. Some of the mortgages that offer these mortgage relief programs are with large banks, but many are with smaller lenders. These are generally smaller and more niche lenders that operate on a smaller scale.

What’s the Cost?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all, it is generally agreed that the cost of a mortgage relief program will be similar to the cost of a third party mortgage refinancing. Since the programs can be of varying degrees of difficulty, a general rule of thumb is that in order to qualify for one, you should have an income of around 65% of the median for the area you live in, or about $49,000 per year. If you are self-employed or work for a family business, a small business or are self-employed, you should work with a professional mortgage relief specialist to help you decide the best way to pay your mortgage. If your mortgage is more than 10 years old, you should also be concerned about your risk tolerance.

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